Learn About Solar Powered Golf Cart Maintenance Tips for Max Battery Life

More and more golf courses and neighborhoods use golf carts powered by solar energy. These clean carts eliminate emissions during transportation by taking energy from the sun. Nevertheless, a solar-powered golf cart needs regular maintenance to provide reliable service for many years. The “secret” to improving the lifespan of your solar golf cart is to give acute attention to battery maintenance.

For years, SuneCarts has been dedicated to providing our customers with premium solar-powered golf carts that deliver reliable, more accessible transportation. Our carts harness clean energy from the sun to get you around the course or community. But like any vehicle, proper maintenance is critical to ensuring your SuneCarts solar electric golf cart provides maximum lifespan and return on your investment.

In this blog, you’ll find some simple battery maintenance best practices to help your solar cart batteries hold a charge for more cycles and give you more miles over the long run.

Check Those Connections

Loose wiring connections are among the most common causes of underperformance in solar carts. When connections between the solar panels, controller, motor, and batteries are not tight, this can disrupt the power flow and drain your batteries prematurely.

SuneCarts recommends checking all cables and connectors on your solar cart every few months. Tighten any loose connections using the wrench of the proper size. This simple maintenance task maximizes power transfer and avoids unnecessary battery drain.

Keep Those Panels Clean

When dirt, dust, bird poop, and other stuff gather on your solar panels, they can’t soak up as much sunlight. This means they can’t charge your batteries as well.

So, cleaning your solar panels regularly with a gentle cloth and mild cleaner is a good idea. This helps them work their best, giving your batteries the most energy possible.

Inspect Batteries and Terminals

The batteries are the heart of your solar electric golf cart, so check their health regularly. Look for any cracked casing or other visible damage impacting battery safety and performance. Also, the battery terminals and connectors should be inspected for any signs of corrosion that could impede electrical connections.

We advise cleaning any buildup on terminals using a wire brush or baking soda solution. Replace batteries that are damaged or no longer holding a proper charge.

Wash and Wax

Although it’s not about the electrical component, it is very crucial to clean and polish the body panels of your solar golf cart. If dirt and dust settle, it can quickly damage the paint, plastic, and metal parts. Consequently, the solar electric golf cart needs some washing and waxing occasionally to repel the weather and make it look impeccable for a long while.

To Sum it Up

The small investments of time and money in preventative maintenance will pay dividends through maximized battery life, avoided repairs, and improved reliability.

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Your properly cared-for SuneCarts solar golf cart will avoid unexpected breakdowns and provide years of dependable zero-emission transportation.

If you have questions about maintaining your SuneCarts contact us for assistance with preventative care to extend the lifespan of your cart.