4 Top Golf Cart Accessories For Your Safety Assurance

Being safe on the course is not an option but a necessity. You might get home some of the most expensive and premium golf carts from anywhere in the world, but you have to go that extra mile to ensure that you and everyone riding the cart are safe.

While the list of accessories available for increasing the safety of your solar-powered golf carts is vast, some tried-and-tested golf cart add-ons have been a critic’s favorite for quite a long time.

Aren’t Golf Carts Already Quite Safe?

That is quite a common question people have when they think of buying a golf cart. Let’s talk about some numbers. Did you know that:

  • Every Year, 15,000 People Get Injured in Golf Cart Accidents
  • Children and Teens are Mostly Involved in Such Accidents
  • 40% of Golf Cart Wrecks Involve Experienced Golfers
  • 156,040 People Visited The ER during the years 2007-2017 thanks to Golf Cart Accidents

Here, we bring you a list of the top 4 golf cart accessories, picked by the leading business experts, that will offer you the highest level of safety, no matter where you take your solar golf cart.

SuneCarts’ Top 4 Golf Cart Attachments to Guarantee Your Safety

Here are the top 4 attachments you can rely upon:

#1: 3-Point Seat Belt

A must-have for sure!

It is a world-renowned fact that with a groundbreaking move, Volvo patented the three-point seatbelt in August 1959, forever changing automotive safety. Unlike traditional two-point belts, the three-point phenomenon secures you with a lap seat belt and an additional chest strap.

The dynamic duo works harmoniously to safeguard you during sudden stops or collisions, ensuring you stay firmly anchored to your seat, making every drive a journey and a secure adventure!

Now, you can upgrade your safety game with our exclusive offer – the Three-Point Seat Belt- at just $240.00! The innovative belt isn’t just a price tag; it’s a commitment to enhanced protection. Check out to know more.

#2: 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Braking systems have developed over a century into more sophisticated machinery that can adjust to various road conditions. As solar-powered golf cart technology has evolved, numerous brakes have been created.

In contrast to mechanical braking systems, hydraulic braking systems employ hydraulic fluid to transfer the force from the brake pedal to the final drum shoes or disc caliper to achieve braking.

Hydraulic disc brakes boast superior safety and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and secure halt every time you hit the brakes. Don’t settle for mediocrity regarding your safety – invest in the cutting-edge technology of 4-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes and experience the thrill of responsive and reliable stopping power.

Revolutionize your ride with the best, top-tier 4-wheel hydraulic Disc Brakes, now available at an unbeatable price of $80.00! Enhance your braking game with a system designed for unparalleled stopping performance. Check it out now!

#3: Front Brush Guard

Don’t just protect. Prepare!

You need a front brush guard to take your golf cart off the course and to various locations. No questions asked!

A robust Front Brush Guard protects not only the exterior paint of your cart but also safeguards it from all kinds of tree branches, rocks, and other obstacles you may encounter on an off-road excursion. Imagine yourself in a difficult situation. Do not be scared! When you need it most, your Front Brush Guard becomes a reliable recovery point, ready to offer a helping hand!

Upgrade your golf cart with the Front Brush Guard – a wise investment at just $120.00!

#4: Enclosure

No more weather worries with our Golf Cart Enclosure.

Suppose you are heading to the clubhouse to celebrate your hole-in-one, speeding on your new golf cart across the fairway. You watch the clouds gathering in the sky. Suddenly, the heavens parted and poured down heavy rain, drenching you completely. That’s a great way to end the round.


A Golf Cart Enclosure guarantees a cozy, weather-resistant ride, shielding you from rain and gusts. It’s the must-have solution for unpredictable weather, ensuring your golf game remains the highlight, not the rain.

Get your premium golf cart enclosure @ just $300. Check it out now!

Luxury Takes a Ride: The Dark Grey Pearl 2+2 Solar Golf Cart

Feel the elegance on the golf course with SuneCarts Dark Grey Pearl 2+2. This tall solar-powered golf cart has a strong 5KW motor and comfortable seats for two people, which have diamond patterns stitched into them. With a lithium battery of 48 volts and 150 ampere-hours, as well as solar panels built in, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly cruise. Also, for your entertainment during the ride, there is a CarPlay screen that measures 10.1 inches.

The Conclusion

Navigating roads with solar golf carts and low-speed vehicles is a breeze, but responsibility is the key to keeping it all smooth. Let’s make sure our rides are not only handy but safe!

Taking a few extra safety measures could make all the difference. Who wants to get caught up in a fender-bender situation? So, roll responsibly and fasten your seatbelt. Regarding the road, it’s not just about the journey but also about guaranteeing everyone reaches their destination safely and cheerfully.

When safety comes first, visit SuneCarts to build compact, lightweight, and durable solar power golf carts.